What readers have to say...

"Covering terrain much too often neglected in contemporary film." BlueCat

"Compelling and original to no end." WeScreenplay

"Incredibly imaginative and very unique. The way in which the music is woven into the plot is well-crafted and demonstrates tremendous skill." Austin Screenplay Competition

"Alluring, magical, unique. This script captures an entirely theatrical experience in a way only film is able to do. It’s pulling from a basis in fantasy elements that feels both familiar and yet unexplored." BlueCat

"The evocation of nature, harmony and the way humanity is intertwined with animals is very strong and makes for thoughtful comparison." WeScreenplay

Concept art by Stijn Windig.

Mel Piper is repped in legal matters by Unverzagt Rechtsanwälte in Hamburg. Her screenplays are registered with the Writers Guild of America.