The tiny lady

How to travel without leaving your home

Sometimes the tiny lady opens the windows at both ends of her apartment and along with the odd lost insect an airy breeze flows through. For an instant the oh so opposite sides of the house are connected: the northern façade along the street with the southern façade facing jungled trees.


This bond can be broken easily as it solely comprises of air. However, its strength chases away the staleness of her home. Suddenly there is motion. Even if just for a moment. The tiny lady feels inspired to do the dishes backwards and feed vegan ice cream to her parrot, who instantly gets hiccups.

"The tiny lady" by Mel Piper
Photo by Mel Piper

Climbers lift wooden boards from neglected panes in passing to let in light through freshly-cut coloured glass. The tiny lady is relieved to see this, and thoughts grow into full-blown imagination: When she closes her eyes she travels to a place so remote and beautiful she mistook it for a painting once. An insect lands on her shoulder and smirks at her. It is the insect’s first time passing through.


The tiny lady gathers that it is time to close the windows and return home from the intimacy of that painting. No longer does she need the bond of air as light falls through the colours. The parrot agrees.