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Tea stain
The painter has almond-shaped eyes. He looks at her now and prepares to blink. She comes from a long line of blues and greens, so when she first encountered his ,  different shape and brown ,  she did not notice them. Now, it seems, they really do dip down into his soul. For her, they do.
Two planets collide
Minus seven point one. It is freezing outside. The sun is warming patterns and places with all her might, but it is early hours on the smaller planet. The glass-coated grass still prevails. The small planet still feels the nightly presence of the newcomer behind her, next to her, but he is no longer there.
Two planets collide
A planet in orbit of the sun has lost her sense of time and space. She circles in repetitive contentment around the one that gives her life, that nurtures and feeds her addiction. There is nothing unpleasant about her existence and yet a lingering feeling persists. Is this what existence is meant to be like?
With a crown on my head I walk the crooked streets of Dublin. We don't need glory to feel at home.
On the riverbank
I am in London and I can see the stars tonight. They're glistening and I wonder if the sensation has always been like this. I cannot remember the soles of my feet from when I was younger. London and I have grown apart during years of separation. There appears to be nothing left to connect us to the other and yet a feeling lingers.