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SHADOW PLAYERS is travelling the international festival circuit. Nominated for BEST SHORT FILM at Wales International Film Festival our European indie short has been invited to screen in the official selection of Catania Film Fest, Nieve Roja, Cinefantasy Brazil, Pigeon Film Festival Iceland, Huhtamo Film Festival Finland and more.


My screenplays follow unconventional protagonists on their journey. Courageous introverts who overcome obstacles and who are neither fully good or evil.

attic ocean stories

Magical creatures roam our lives. Sleazy and vengeful, kind and small. They turn our world upside down. They bicker and cuddle, demand our attention and take care of us when we're feeling blue. Wondering where to get you next dose of fantastical fiction? Welcome to Attic Ocean Stories. A place where some of my thoughts find a new home. Thoughts on creatures, on social issues and on being blue.