"Compelling and original to no end." WeScreenplay

"Covering terrain much too often neglected in contemporary film." BlueCat

a feature film in development

A reclusive investigator finds story travellers and discovers the link between her physical impairment and the no man’s land pervading Europe.

Fantasy · Horror · Language: English

Work In Progress at BIF Market 2022 // SITGES PITCHBOX Special Mention // Reykjavík Talent Lab 2019 // WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Semifinalist


acclaimed short film set in the NO MAN'S LAND world, available on

"Visually stunning, top-notch acting and a wonderfully unique concept. We can't wait to see the next film from Mel Piper." Beyond The Short on SHADOW PLAYERS

The "No Man's Land" screenplay by Mel Piper is registered with the Writers Guilt of America West and with Kanzlei Unverzagt in Hamburg.


Concept art "Human" and "Consuming Entity" by Stijn Windig.

Concept art "No Man's Land" by Mel Piper.

Film still from Shadow Players, director of photography: Bella Halben.